Security Systems

Alarm and Fire

Using the most up to the moment technology for our Alarm and Fire Systems is the bedrock of good security. Our knowledge and experience with hardware and software enables us to craft an exact security solution that is cost-effective and custom-tailored for your situation.

We work to ensure that the aesthetics of your environment are not compromised by our installations. And our Security Systems are recognized by all insurance carriers.

Central Station Monitoring

Providing the very best Security Service requires a rock-solid infrastructure. The Central Station Monitoring Company we utilize is an industry giant, and we enjoy a VIP relationship that reaps many benefits for our clients. The Monitoring Center exceeds all regulatory criteria and can perform under the most severe conditions. Backup electrical power provides fail-safe redundancy at all times.

Carbon Monoxide, Flood and Temperature Detectors

Preventative measures such as Carbon Monoxide, Flood and Temperature Detectors are additional options which are integrated and monitored by your alarm system and central station.

  • No home should be without the indisputably life-saving benefits of Carbon Monoxide Detection. It is the simplest way to avoid the hazardous consequences of escaped carbon monoxide.
  • Flood Detection for boiler rooms, laundry rooms, central air units and more, minimize the potential damage to your valuable property through early detection.

To prevent costly damages to your home due to frozen pipes, Temperature Detectors alert homeowners if temperatures drop below safe levels. For your business, Temperature Detectors can save thousands of dollars worth of refrigerator and freezer inventories with one alert.